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Things to consider when planning a hiking trip....

If you are not the most experienced hiker you should always do some research before your hiking trip, there are many pitfalls for first-time walkers and hikers to be aware of before setting off on that journey. The most important step is to plan your route, always make sure that the route you choose is not unknown to you and you can navigate it safely, and you should always take the necessary navigation equipment with you - although electronic gadgets are good at getting us from point to point in our everyday lives they may not prove the best for a long journey such as a hike, batteries will only have a limited life so always take compasses and fold-up maps as back-up!

Other Equipment you will need to pack....

When planning you will need to consider the type of hike and the route you are taking as well as the weather conditions and terrain of the route. The main items you will need to think about packing are:

Bottled water

Emergency food supply

Sun block

A hat


gloves, extra layers (if cold)


First aid kit

Multi-purpose knife

These are just the essentials, it will depend upon the conditions on the day as to the exact items you will need to pack and always consider the possibility of packing for camping if you should end up staying for the night - it is very important to ration your food and water supply throughout the trip.

If your trip is planned and you have previously arranged your accomodation such as staying with northumbria caravan parks then you will be able to relax a little on your walk knowing that you will have the comfort to come back to at the end of the day. Extra information about northumbria caravan parks

Whatever the adventure you are planning, I hope you will have a happy and safe journey and enjoy it so much you will want to return again!